About Business The Goat Etawa From Kaligesing

This article will not discuss concerning the raising method the goat etawa, but will discuss from the side of the business.

Nevertheless a little I will tell about how maintained so as appropriate to be made the business.
I did not know when this goat arrive in kaligesing, but that that was certain the Goat etawa was to come from India.

Kaligesing entered the regency territory Purworejo Central Java approximately 60 kilometre next west Yogyakarta Indonesia.

The temperature of the village kaligesing that was cool with the hilly territory menoreh that was fertile made the goat population etawa fast bred.

This goat was acknowledged also as the Jamnapari ,body was big, high gumba that was male 90 centimetre through to 127 centimetre and that was female only reached 92 centimetre.
The male weight could reach 91 kilogram, whereas female only reached 63 kilogram.
His ears were long and down.
The forehead and his nose cembung, Both male and female butted short.
This kind goat could produce milk through to three litre per the day.
(The free translation from Wikipedia)

To get the good business then must pay attention to how to maintain this Goat.
As for the method of maintaining :

The Goat Etawa must be healthy, Goat Place must be dry Clean, Get the sun rays,good ventilation, Good food was nutritious.

About the trade profit in the Goat etawa this could be untangled by us some time again.
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The trade business in the goat etawa this was business real, by the profit reached 100% only in time 6 months and small risk.
Are you attention...?

Business Forex Vs Business Sell and Buy The Goat

May be the business Forex same as Business Sell and Buy Goat etawa.
Because :
1.Forex and Business Sell and Buy Goat etawa can get the big profit.
2.The Atmospher Politic and Moneter had the influence on business this.

What your opinion.....?