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Trip to Kaligesing Village

Trip to Kaligesing village from Jogja around one hour,You will enjoy very picturesque

The paddy-field,forest, the hill made was released by us from the activity.

Before entering to kaligesing the green paddy-field will greet you in a smelly manner typical.
Our thoughts would calm saw this paddy-field, The farmers will greet you with the friendlysmile,chirping birds welcomed your arrival verry sweer in heard.

When will you visit to Kaligesing Village....?
Please go to kaligesing and you can get map from google if you cannot know go to kaligesing.

The tree all along the road kaligesing

When you entered kaligesing was seen the tree that many that made the temperature become cool.

This atmosphere increasingly made the heart become comfortable.

The cricket voice, the grasshopper,birds voice as though the nature orchestra that was singing the love song.

The wild flower increased the beauty of this village of nature.